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Points Scored-244-Jihad Morris-Class of 2006
Field Goals-12-Marc Corrado-Class of 2008
Games Played-42-Sean Bergin-Class of 2004
Games Won-32-Sean Bergin-Class of 2004
Receptions-60-Sean Bergin-Class of 2004
Receiving Yards-1,353-Sean Bergin-Class of 2004
Interceptions-9-Nate Lassic-Class of 2000
All Purpose Yards-4,077-Joe Williams-Class of 2004
Touchdowns-41-Joe Williams-Class of 2004
Rushing Attempts-365-Jihad Morris-Class of 2006
Rushing Yards-2,967-Jihad Morris-Class of 2006
Tackles-228-Matt Lazarski-Class of 2004


Points Scored in a Season-132-Jihad Morris-2005
Total Touchdowns Scored in a Season-23-Tyrone Howard-1997
Passing Touchdowns in a Season-15-Brandon Clark-2010                                                  
Rushing Touchdowns Scored in a Season-19-Jihad Morris-2005
Rushing Yards in a Season-1,511-Jihad Morris-2005
Tackles in a Season-116-Ben Lazarski-2000 and Marcus Spearman-2008
Receptions in a Season-31-Sean Bergin-2003
Recieving Yards in a Season-736-Sean Bergin-2003
Recieving Touchdowns in a Season-9-Shelan Baynes-2010
Passing Yards in a Season-1,415-Brandon Clark-2010
Touchbacks in a Season- Jeremy Stinson- 35- 2011
Sacks-13-Mike Esposito-2011


Receiving Yards- 278-Shelan Baynes-2010*Also a Section 9 All Time Record*
Rushing Attempts-32-Jihad Morris-2005
Rushing Yards-291-Jihad Morris-2004
Most Touchdowns-6-Barry Surrett-2009

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